The Edgemont Extravaganza is coming!

The Extravaganza, End of Year Carnival, is coming up! It’s the PTA’s one big fundraiser. This is how we pay for the t-shirts for every student and all of the fun events throughout the year. We need a lot of help in advance and we can’t do it alone. Please help where possible! We need volunteers in a lot of areas. We have tried to break up the work into small pieces, so no one job is too big. We will contact you with detailed instructiuons and a lot of the supplies are already in the PTA closet (i.e. plinko board). It’s pretty easy work, just impossible for a few people to do alone. 

If you have any connections (ponies, inflatables, concessions, carnival goodies, etc) or can help us save money in any way, please let us know! We love donations 🙂